Welcome to DCC! Our faith family includes an ever-growing number of couples, singles and grandparents with children!

Our one-room-schoolhouse approach to Christian Education, along with our unique "Living the Promise" curriculum, offer creative opportunities for hands-on learning and intergenerational relationships.

Each year, over thirty volunteer teachers help interpret and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a diverse and ever- changing world. Tweens and teens assist adult volunteers with planning and activities. We all learn and grow together!

After a "Time for God's Children" during worship, children in Grades K-6 are invited next door to our Vestry building for a variety of fun and faith-building activities! 

Because we are small, our church school is very portable! We often venture out to find God in the beautiful farms and woodlands in our community.

At DCC we care about children, making every effort to conform to Safe Spaces policies and practices within a small church setting.
Parents: Click Here for Our Safe Spaces Policy

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.!

The First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ 
Dunbarton, New Hampshire    

6 Stark Highway North ▪ Dunbarton, NH ▪ 03046 ▪ 603-774-4601 ▪ www.dccucc.org

Christian Education

Our educational mission is simple: to create informed, committed and loving
Christian citizens in a multicultural world.
What "Living the Promise" looks like!

September 11, 2016
Grades K-6





Being Brave

What does it mean to be brave? Join us as we greet one another and learn about this year’s theme.


The Silence of the Brave

What does it mean to be a brave and silent giver? Help our children learn what quiet giving looks like in our church community!


Bravely Caring

What does it mean to care about others in a brave way? Help our children learn about caring for others and the world boldly and courageously!


Bravely Born

How did Jesus’ story begin? Help our children celebrate Advent and the role courage plays in the Christmas story!


Brave People in the Hebrew Scriptures

From Noah to Abraham to Esther to the Prophets, the Old Testament is full of brave people. Help our children explore these characters found in in the Hebrew Scriptures.


Brave People in the New Testament

From Jesus and his disciples to Paul and his followers, the New Testament is chock full of courageous people. Help our children explore the many courageous characters found in these texts!


Jesus the Brave

How does Jesus exemplify bravery? Help our children learn all the ways in which Jesus was courageous, especially during the last week of his life. This Unit includes our annual Resurrection Walk and Easter Egg Hunt.


Love the Earth Bravely

What does it mean to bravely care for the earth? Help our children learn what is happening to our planet and how they can help make a difference.

May – June

Celebrating Jesus' Brave New World

Every day is an opportunity to praise God! Help our children stretch their edges and use their creative gifts to express their love for God!

In 2016, we lost our beloved Church School Superintendent, Laura Tucker. Everything we do for our children, every act of care and creativity, we dedicate to her in loving memory of the spirit she brought to her work as a teacher, a woman of faith, and lover of children.
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