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Stewardship & Giving

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October 10, 2016

Dear Members and Friends,

Have you read any good books lately? Summer is always a time for relaxation, renewal, and fun. Books play an important part of that summer routine. When reflecting on our church journey these last few months, it has occurred to us that we are living in an on going story of love, renewal, faith and commitment at the Dunbarton Congregational Church.

With our pastor moving on, we have closed one chapter and started a new one. We are excited about what this new chapter will bring to the Dunbarton community. What will be our theme, who will be our characters, and how will the story unfold?

We have much to “write” in the next chapter. We continue to strive for spiritual enlightenment as we journey through the pages. We are excited about what the future will bring. However, we can not write this chapter without your continued support.

In this Stewardship season, we are focused on attracting new pastoral talent. We are also re-committing to the congregation and community at large, ensuring that we are have viable programs, facilities,and services to sustain us.

We ask for your prayerful financial commitment to this chapter.Let’s write it together! Let’s tell the story of our faith in partnership with all who love our small church and mission. Please consider a generous annual pledge or one time donation to the Dunbarton Congregational Church. WE can only do this with YOUR help.

Join us on October 16th for a special activity to help start DCC’s next chapter, then again on October 23th for our dedication of pledges and annual Stewardship Luncheon. See you soon! 

       Yours in Christ, 
       The Stewardship Committee

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